Video Review: Amy Winehouse “Back To Black”

In black-and-white, Amy Winehouse sits on a chair in her home. Two of her band members sit in her family room with her. One friend sits at the table, spinning a spoon between his fingers and drinks some tea. Her band members chat with some of her other friends as they wait by their cars.

Wearing a dress and high heels, she walks downstairs and pauses in the hallway. She walks to her car and her driver opens the door.

The hearse carries a small casket in the back as it drives to the cemetery. A car follows her as she walks to the grave. She views the crosses and saints on people’s headstones. She brushes a strand of hair from her forehead as she sees the pallbearers take the casket out of the hearse. They place it in the grave.

She gulps back tears and then throws a rose inside. She says a few words. A friend takes off his hat.

She sits in her bedroom, looking out the window and then stands at her mirror, touching her chest.

A band member bends down and throws some dirt onto the casket. Her friends walk back to their cars as she continues to stand at the grave.  She puts some more dirt on the casket and walks back to the car.

Rating: 4/5

Amy Winehouse thanks people at the reception. She explains that it has been a tough time for her and they have all been there for her. Her heart had been damaged for at least a year. For a month or two, there was some hope she would get it back and it would be healthy again. But one night, after she received a message from her ex-boyfriend that said he needed some space, it shattered and gave out.

It has been a week since her heart died and she has no desire to go out. As she watches life go on from her bedroom, the children’s laughter chills her and tears sting her eyes as she watches a couple walk their dog. A child is now a hopeless thought. She won’t ever have the chance again. Her ex-boyfriend was the only one who made her think of having a family. She goes downstairs to put some of the leftovers in the refrigerator. She sees some lemon cake and throws it in the trash. It was her ex-boyfriend’s favorite. He was the only one who liked it.

She belongs to no one and no one will ever want her. Her heart is a cold husk in a box somewhere. Living is the true torture.

Director: Phil Griffin Year: 2007

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