Video Review: Axwell & Ingrosso & Trevor Guthrie “Dreamer”

A young couple swims towards one another in a cobalt blue ocean. They hold hands as float. The shirtless young man stares as the waves reflect on his chest.  Droplets of water swarm in a ball and swirl to the surface.

The young man bends while the young woman spreads out her arms above him. As they swim, the water bubbles. She pounds the glass with her fists. He presses against it, trying to get it to break. She pushes her shoulder into it and screams. They both feel around for a weak spot.

They lie together on a navy ground, swishing their arms back and forth.

In the ocean, they hug, the water crystallizing around their bodies. The surf coves them as the move to the bottom. In the darkness, she holds a stick, lighting the area with an oval flame. He watches her in the mahogany ocean. She places both hands on his cheeks. They take off their shirts as the ocean changes back to cobalt and kiss as the blue darkens into aegean.

They hold onto to one another as they swim to the surface, following the crystallized droplets. They gasp for air once they reach the surface.

Rating: 2/5

A violent wave interrupted a serene dive in the water for a young couple. It dropped them into the abyss. The seven minutes they were separated seemed to be a week. Visibility was limited to the concentrated drops of water which let in some glimpses of light.

They held onto to one another, gathering energy to rise to the surface. However, the ocean was an illusion. They banged against the glass as they viewed in the aquarium. The scientists pointed to them, jotting down notes. Breath running low, they kissed in case they didn’t make out of the experiment.

A voice told them to wait and hold onto to one another. The scientists turned on a light and guided them to the surface. In the changing room, they were silent as they put on their dry clothes. The nurse thanked them for their time and handed them their checks for $250. Rain falls as he opens the door. She clutches his arm as they head to the car. His heart pounds as he drives in the car. There won’t ever be an escape.

Director: Henrik Hanson Year: 2018

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