Video Review: Liam Payne & Rita Ora “For You”

Rita Ora, wearing a red ruffled gown, crosses her arms over her chest as she walks down the steps in the garden. She passes by white rose bushes.

From the film, Fifty Shades Freed, Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson), pulls up the lacy sleeve of her wedding dress over her shoulder.

Inside the mansion, Liam Payne clasps a silver button to his sleeve and sits in his office chair, holding a glass of whiskey.

She runs on the sandy marbled pavement and spins by the pool. He leans against the wall, gazing out the window at her while the breeze lifts up the curtain. He rubs his hand over his head while he sits on the edge of the bed. Next to him is a table with several half empty glasses of liquor on a tray.

Ora, wearing a red veil over her face, lies on white roses planted in the ground. A white rose blooms. Payne sings in the foyer. She looks over her shoulder as she runs on the steps leading back into the mansion. Fireworks go off. Petals scatter in the air as she floats, eye closed, over the garden.

Payne rests his hands on the desk as the pages of a book flip from the wind. He floats over his desk. They meet in the foyer. He touches her face. They stand back-to-back.

From the film, Christian Grey  (Jamie Dornan) puts a ring on her finger.

Payne kisses her shoulder while they stand in the foyer.

Rating: 4/5

Romance was fatal for Liam Payne. He slept around with models, heiresses of Fortune 500 companies and rising Hollywood stars. Each young woman believed she would be the one. However, he discarded them with a wave of the hand and a message from his assistant. He was a self-made billionaire who was invited to secret Silicon Valley parties and bought a couple of tables at charity galas for his company. No woman could conquer him.

Rita Ora, with her free-spirited grin and hardheaded nature, quieted his torment with one simple declaration: “you are more than your money.” She knew of his playboy past but did not judge. His name was mentioned often in the society pages. She had grown up in a respectable suburb and worked her way through college. She graduated with her degree in business and began the job hunt.

After a year, Liam Payne was the only one who asked her in her interview what she really wanted to do. She told him that she wanted to turn the world on its head. Assuming he would think she was an arrogant millennial, she sent out more resumes and went on a couple more interviews. A week later, she received a call from Payne, offering her a job.

On her first day, he invited her into his office and outlined her responsibilities. She held herself back as he drew closer to her, his breath on her neck as he pointed out the textbooks he wrote. She was falling for her unpredictable boss.

Payne had slept through most of his office. It had led to a lot of turnover and the company itself had developed a reputation. Although he was intrigued by her, he believed she would quit within her first week.

But she stayed and helped him meet his deadlines. She listened to him as he sipped on his whiskey during lunch about his failure to become something. Then, she kissed him. Payne flinched and said he had to leave. He was out of the office for two weeks. She typed at her desk, entering in payroll while the women whispered as they passed by her cubicle.

He returned after his vacation and took her out on their first date. While they drank wine over lemon garlic chicken, he declared his love for her and said he was a changed man. A year later, they married on his estate.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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