Video Review: Xscape “My Little Secret”

A young man walks the steps of an apartment building. He walks down the hallway and feels on top of the window for the key. Kandi sits on the rug of her apartment. LaTocha, in a tan business suit, sits on a bench.

He licks his lips and looks underneath the door. Kandi walks across the floor in red high heels. A cat follows him. Tiny watches from a clear glass on the next floor. He lies on his bed in his apartment.

Kandi, LaTocha, Tiny and Tamika, each wearing black dresses, sing in an empty apartment. On the floor, Kandi plays with her necklaces around her neck. He inserts the key into her door and opens it. He plays with the ring between his fingers.

Shirtless, he stands Kandi and touches her neck. He runs the key over her chest. As he leaves, he swings her key around his finger.

Rating: 1/5

There was no stopping Kandi. Her best friend’s boyfriend kissed her one evening after a party. He whispered in her ear that he had been waiting to do that for so long. She didn’t turn away or tell him no. She kissed him again.

LaTocha told her to be careful. Their mutual friend had been gushing about what a great guy he was. LaTocha had shrugged off the bragging, thinking the relationship was ready to implode. Kandi had been making comments lately suggesting as much and LaTocha had caught the boyfriend checking out Kandi at get-togethers.

Tamika lives through Kandi, asking her for details about her affair with their mutual friend’s boyfriend. Kandi divulges about the candles in the bathtub and stolen kisses at work. She plans dinner with her steady boyfriend over her break and hopes for a ring.

Tiny folds her arms as Kandi goes off on their mutual friend, stating she doesn’t care. She and the boyfriend are meant to be. It’s not an ideal but it’s real. Tiny rolls her eyes. She thinks the boyfriend will drop her once he and their mutual friend work out their problems.

Director: N/A Year: 1998

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