Video Review: Christina Perri “Jar of Hearts”

Black rose petals fall by Christina Perri as she opens her hands on the stoop. The petals slip from her hands. She stands up and a mason jar is cut into her chest with a pink, beating heart inside. Sh walks on the street.

A couple kisses in a car. A jar cuts into the woman’s back and she passes pink vapors into her boyfriend’s mouth. She shoves him away. A second young woman makes out with the same man in a telephone booth. Her chest opens with a jar and she swings out of the booth.

Her boyfriend’s ex-lovers dance in the street as Perri continues to walk.

A third woman kisses the young man underneath the umbrella and spins away.

In the street, she watches as several of her ex-boyfriend’s jump on his back and wrangle from his grasp. Perri confronts him and he collapses to the ground. She walks away as white rose petals fall from the clear sky.

Rating: 2/5

Christina Perri was one of many of her ex-boyfriend lovers. A local poet, his work had reached the national spotlight a year ago after he spoke in support of international women’s day. She had followed him since he appeared at her town library and recited his poems. He was a gentle man, who according to his biography, was in a long-term relationship. They had struck up a friendship after one of his readings.

However, with fame, his relationship ended. He had told her his ex-girlfriend didn’t understand the life of being artist. She worked in an office all day, what did she know. But Perri struggled like him and knew about the sacrifices involved. She had initially agreed, remembering her first love who thought her songwriting was simply a hobby.

At press outings, he cast her aside and referred to her as a “good friend.” He had explained that he wanted to keep his personal life private. But she discovered it was a way to hide his indiscretions. She looked away for a while, believing he truly loved her. It was a phone call from a woman in Vermont who said Perri was one of many and to leave. He wasn’t the man she thought.

During his book tour, women spoke up about he exploited them while covering with a public relationship. Perri distanced herself from him and said she supported the women.

Director: Jay Martin Year: 2010

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