Video Review: Luke Combs “One Number Away”

At about 11 p.m., a young man’s pick-up is parked near a field. As he lies on the ground, he listens to a voicemail from his ex-girlfriend, Cory. She tells him that someone told her it’s “11:11 and to make a wish.” However, she adds she doesn’t have to wish for anything. She has him and that makes her “the luckiest girl in the world.” She says that she loves him and hangs up.

Luke Combs against a thick pole at the underpass. Cory drives down the road, one eye on her phone. The young man jogs, listening to music on his headphones. He pauses and thinks of her.

They walk hand-in-hand in the stable. He offers her his hand. He kisses her hair and she giggles while they cuddle together on the field. At home, he draws a heart on the shower door.

Combs walks on the train tracks.

The young man continues his jog, his feet splashing in a puddle.

He wipes the heart off with a towel. She gives him an uncertain glance they survey the scalloped potatoes bubbling in the oven. Smoke rises from the oven as she checks on it again. She laughs and he shrugs as he watches from the corner. In the field, she gives him a four-leaf clover.

He reaches for her hand and she pulls it away as they sit in the field a few months later. He shakes his head. With his back towards her, he walks away.

He picks up his speed as he jogs in the downtown area and stops by her house. He places the four-leaf clover on her windshield.

They kiss in the stable.

A SUV has flipped over on the road. Sirens from the ambulance flash while the firemen cut the Cory out of the car. She is put on a stretcher.

In her last voicemail, she calls her ex-boyfriend and says that she found something in her car and she thought of him. She explains that she’s in her car and will be over at his house in a few minutes. She says “I guess I really wanted to tell you” and the message cuts off.

Rating: 4/5

The young man shoves the papers on his desk and onto the floor. He slides in the corner and bursts into tears. He can’t believe she’s gone. She’ll never know that he still loved her.  He thinks of all the messages he wanted to send but didn’t. If he had tried calling her even a week earlier, maybe she would still be alive.

As he was jogging back to his house, he glanced at the number calling. It wasn’t anybody he knew and he decided to wait until tomorrow morning to deal with it. However, a second phone call was Cory’s mom. He answered and her mom was crying on the phone, saying Cory had been in a fatal collision and to come the hospital as soon as possible. She didn’t have long.

He was with her in her last moments. Her family assured him it wasn’t his fault. However, there was some resentment behind their words. It has been a month. Work keeps calling him, asking when he’ll return. His brother comes over to check on him and tries to get him to shower.

Underneath the couch cushions, he looks for his flask of whiskey. His brother has found several bottles lying around the house and emptied an entire case of beer in his sink. She isn’t ever coming back. He searches the piles of clothes in his room for a t-shirt and pants. It’s time to visit her and he at least wants to be somewhat presentable for her.

Director: Tyler Adams Year: 2018

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    1. I thought the guy broke up with the girl. From my point of view, he walked away and she seemed dejected, as though she was holding back tears.

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