Video Review: Kelly Rowland “Can’t Nobody”

Kelly Rowland, wearing an ivory, off the shoulder fringed top and matching short skirt, dances against a building in an alley at night.

Her boyfriend arrives at the ticket booth the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles and looks for her. He gets two tickets for Simply Deep and plays with the tickets as he continues to look for her.

She waits in the parking lot, wearing a white tank top, a denim jacket and jean shorts. She stands in front of the ticket booth and throws up her hands. A hologram of them laughing cracks and fades on the steel door of a store.  She reaches out to touch it. It disappears. A single hologram of him appears, standing, his chin raised.

She crosses her arms and walks in the parking lot. Above her, she sees a sign for a jazz club and decides to go in. She greets the bouncer and walks to the dance floor. She dances for a while and leans against a pole. In the corner, she spots her boyfriend talking with someone.

She walks over to him and shows him the tickets. He grins and takes the two tickets out of his pocket. They both laugh and dance together. After a drink, they leave the club and continue their date.

Rating: 2.5/5

Simply Deep, a musical about a backup singer who lives in the shadow of the famous people she helps to elevate, has been the subject of many conversations between Kelly Rowland and her boyfriend. She had been reading reviews of it since it was playing off-Broadway and hoped it would become popular. There was some critical acclaim for it New York.

They had planned a trip to New York. She really wanted to see the original cast. However, neither could get the time off work. Disappointed, she bought the recording and listened to it on her iPod nonstop.

While they were watching their favorite show, a commercial came on advertising it for the Orpheum. They decided to go to opening night. However, she had to stop at her parents’ house and help them for a few hours. They agreed to meet at the theatre.

He arrived at 7:45 p.m. and bought the tickets. He figured she would be there already, given how excited she was. But by 8:10 p.m., she still wasn’t there. He decided to go the jazz club instead.

At 8:30, he saw her walk towards him in the club and he knew he was in trouble. She wanted to know where he was and if he even cared at all. She said if he wanted to break up, then he should’ve told her instead of stringing her along. He pulls his tickets out of his pocket. She apologizes to him and they laugh. She had gotten the time mixed up.

After getting some drinks at the club, they walked downtown and talked. They stopped for dinner at a sushi place and went to Skyspace LA to view the city. Although they never went to see the show, it’s one of her favorite memories with him.

Director: Benny Boom Year: 2003

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