Video Review: Lady Gaga “Joanne (Where Do You Think You’re Goin'”)

Written on the screen, it reads that Joanne was her aunt on her father’s side who passed away at age 19 from lupus.

Joanne (Lady Gaga) gazes at the sunrise, wearing her aviator glasses. She takes them off. In black-and-white, she holds back tears as she sings while sitting in the chair. She writes some lyrics down as she works on a song at her keyboard. She gets up from the bench and runs into her backyard. The screen reverts to color as she turns towards the camera and smiles.

Back in black-and-white, she carries her guitar in the living room. It rotates to color as she runs in her backyard with her guitar. She composes the song in black-and-white. In color, she plays her guitar outside and rests her head on it.

In black-and-white, she puts on her hat and sunglasses and walks on the road. She stops on the train tracks and plays. In color, she throws her head back. Back in black-and-white, she plucks a dandelion and blows on it. She holds up the ends of her dress and spins.

In color, she runs across the bridge over the lake. Back in black-and-white, she plays pool. She dances in the bar and walks downtown. At home, she crosses her arms over her chest while sitting at her keyboard. In color, she runs back inside the house.

Written on the screen states the Joanne’s birthday and the day she passed.

Rating: 3/5

Joanne Germonatta is a free thinking woman of the 1970s, living alone in her first apartment, composing songs. She dreams of being a singer and works on her music while working at her job. She asks the uncomfortable questions and attends protests. One sit-in led to an arrest.

She takes care of her nephew, inviting him over after he fights with his parents. He finds her outside at sunrise, viewing the light over the trees. She reminds that adults aren’t perfect and takes him out for breakfast.

In her mid-20s, Lady Gaga sees her as a proficient pool player, beating the men of their hard-earned beer money. Then, she gets up on stage and sings a ballad she wrote. They applaud her and the bartender asks her why she hasn’t moved to Nashville. She says New York is home and she wants to stay with her family. She wants to protest at her state’s capital or maybe run for Congress someday. Singing is a way to pay off some of her bills for the month and do something for herself.

Through Lady Gaga’s eyes, Joanne was a talented young woman capable of taking on the world. She had much to offer the world but was cheated out of the chance.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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