Video Review: Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam “Can You Feel the Beat”

By an underpass in Miami, Florida, Lisa Lisa, wearing a strapless magenta dress, opens her black jacket and dances. Alex plays the cello and Mike taps on the drums.

Lisa Lisa drives downtown with four of her best girl friends. Her friend with the blonde bob points out the lights shining within the apartment building. Full Force hang out at the arcade with a young man with a ponytail.

The next day, the young man stares at her while she and her four best friends walk to work. She smiles back at him and tells her blonde friend. That evening, he puts her arm around her and they go out to the arcade. She fiddles with the knobs and he puts his arms around her, pointing her hand in the right directions. They kiss by the underpass.

In the morning, Lisa Lisa dances in the center of the street as hundreds of people walk past the Florida Center and the various restaurants.

On a date, they stop at Boardwalk Roger’s for some hot dogs. He orders them some food and they walk together. A man rolls his food stand past them. They walk together to his apartment building and kiss. She turns to look at one more time before leaving.

She bobs her head as she dances. The video rewinds back to the beginning.

Rating: 3/5

The young man with the ponytail had seen Lisa Lisa walking with her friends as she walked downtown to her job every morning. He had spotted her while he was fixing a game at the arcade.

On her break, he stopped her and introduced himself. He asked her out after work, saying he would like to get to know her better. They agreed to meet at the arcade.

On their first date, he showed her around the games. She headed for the pinball machine. She told him she loved them as a child but forgot how to play. He leaned in behind her and she smiled at him. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach.

As she listened to him give their order for some hot dogs, he double checked to see if she wanted to onions. She said no and smiled to herself. He remembered that she only liked onions on certain things. He dabbed her lip if he see any ketchup and asked if she would be okay walking by herself. He asked if she could come over next week and have dinner with his family. Hands shaking, she says that’s okay.

While on break from work, she dances in the street. She’s finally in a real relationship with someone who truly loves her.

Director: N/A Year: 1985

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