Video Review: Kylie Minogue “Dancing”

Kylie Minogue opens the polka dotted curtains in her fusty hotel room. She sits on the chair and strums her red guitar. Slumping down on the chair, she puts her feet on the ottoman. She walks to the television and turns the dial to a country music variety show.

On the television show, Minogue, wearing a red sparkling dress, with a flower in her hair, sits on a stool and plays her crystal encrusted guitar.

Back at the hotel, she gets up from the chair and claps along as she dances in black floral rose dress and tan cowboy boots.

On stage, in silhouette, she and several dancers snap their fingers. She walks to the center and line-dances.

On the stool, wearing a gleaming red dress, she touches her arm while the magenta highlighted curtain shines from the lights. She enters the arms of a man dressed as a cowboy.

Against the backdrop of the mint green curtains, she wears a matching babydoll dress and dances with the guitar.

Back in the hotel room, she imitates the choreography on the television show. After the song, she shuts off the television and pulls her hair up as she leaves the room.

Rating: 4/5

Kylie Minogue needed to get some sleep after driving for 10 hours straight. She got off the exit to Nashville, Tennessee and found the closest motel within the expressway. Tomorrow, she was going to sing at the Bluebird and she needed to be well-rested for her debut.

Fiddles and a southern twang buzz through the lobby of the motel as she pays the clerk. He tips his cowboy hat to her and tells her to have a good night. She turns the key in the lock and sits down in the chair, playing her guitar.

She turns on the television for a break and flips it to a rerun of a country music special from the 70s. In the hotel room, she teaches herself how to line dance. With a burst of energy, she heads out in her black floral dress for some wine and dancing at Nashville’s premiere discotheque.

Director: Sophie Muller Year: 2018

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