Video Review: RUN-D.M.C. & Aerosmith “Walk This Way”

In an apartment, Steve and Joe practice their song before a show. Next door, DMC and Jam Master Jay hit the wall with their fists. Rev Run tells them to “turn it down!” DMC says he knows how to stop it.

Steve counts into his microphone and turns his head as he hears the bass. He spins and pauses once RUN-D.M.C. start with the same lyrics. He pounds the wall and hits the microphone stand against it. Steve paces and then tears through the wall. He sings the chorus into RUN-D.M.C.S room. Jam Master Jay and DMC cross their arms. Joe peeks through with his guitar.

On stage, Steve and Joe perform. They turn and see RUN-D.M.C. standing in silhouette on the platform. Steve shakes his head as he watches them as he rests his arm on the microphone. RUN-D.M.C. stand next to Steve as they continue to rap. Steve screams as he sees the RUN-D.M.C.’s name  in neon lights is lowered onto the stage. He dances with Rev Run and DMC and does a backflip. The fans cheer.

Rating: 3/5

Jam Master Jay, Rev Run and DMC roll their eyes as Steve plays his rock music next door. It’s mostly feedback and screaming. For about two weeks, it’s been the same song on repeat. As they work on their music, Jam Master Jay suggests some tweaks. They haven’t talked to him much. At most, they’ve said hello and exchanged small talk while on the elevator.

The bass thumps against Steve’s wall. Steve and Joe shake their heads. They can barely understand what RUN-D.M.C. are saying. The words are said too fast and the beat is one continous loop. Steve will take the stairs if he sees them going to the elevator. If Joe starts to talk to them, he’ll bump his elbow to get him to stop.

Steve has had enough and tears the wall. Joe apologizes while DMC and Jam Master Jay say they will have to pay for it. Steve writes them a check. Joe invites them to perform with them. He asks them how they discovered rap and inquires working the turntable. Jam Master Jay shows him how to spin it and lets Joe try. Steve says in the corner, sighing.

At the concert, Joe ushers them inside and starts introducing them to industry people. He adds they have prepared a surprise for their set. While RUN-D.M.C., they view their names in lights as thousands of people clap.

Realizing that RUN-D.M.C. are their peers and not competition, Steve relents and dances with them. Times have changed and Steve realizes he has to accept rap is no longer a fad. It’s a genre that he should take seriously.

Director: Jon Small Year: 1986


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