Video Review: Sheena Easton “Almost Over You”

A piano plays by itself in a living room. Sheena Easton appears and sings while she plays. A photograph of her ex-boyfriend sits on a table. The glass shatters.

She gets up from the bench and walks into her family room. By the television are two arcade cabinets. She glares at the ships flying in The Defender. Her ex-boyfriend scrunches his face as he moves the joystick. She watches a young man in a white dress shirt and black pants play the piano.

With a flip of the joystick, she moves the alien into the villain’s mouth. She pushes The Defender to her balcony and heaves it over the railing. It smashes into a dozen pieces on the pavement.

She watches the sun set from her window. On the screen, she views the ships crawl on the bottom. It turns to evening while she gazes out the window.

Rating: 1/5

Game Over forever. Sheena Easton’s ex-boyfriend was obsessed with The Defender. He played it for hours on end as she eat and watched movies by herself. “One more level!” he shouted after she asked him how much longer. Curses fell from his mouth as his character died for the fifth time.

She had resorted going to the library and checking out the game book. She copied the pages and highlighted the sections where he was having trouble. It was taped to the top of the arcade. He took it down, skimmed it and said it was cheating. He wanted it to be a natural win.

He played into the early morning, falling asleep somewhere between 5 am and 7 am. She shook him awake and said he was calling in sick. Then, he continued to play all day. He got fired from his job. She kicked him out. He promised her to not to do anything to the arcades.

The villian on screen popped and she glared at it. There was one way for the game to be beaten. Lugging the cabinet across the floor and to her balcony, she grunts as she lifts it and tosses it over. A neighbor yells “watch it, lady!” Two women a room below gasp and comment that she should’ve sold it. An eight-year-old boys runs outside and starts collecting parts. She rubs her aching back as she sits on the couch, watching her soap operas, the anxiety leaving her body.

Director: N/A Year: 1983

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