Video Review: Halsey “Sorry”

A bloodied man is slumped over in the driver’s seat of his car. Halsey stands up from the passenger’s side and listens to the silence. Blood streaked on her face, she runs her hand through her hair and walks backwards, viewing the destruction.

Motorcycles stand to the side with the riders dead on the pavement. She inhales the smoke as a park bench burns. The wind picks up the beige papers and scatters them.

She puts her hands behind her head and walks backwards again and stands between two cars.

Rating: 3/5

Halsey had no choice. Her heart thumping in her chest, she pulled the trigger, killing the man in the white vintage car.

With several of his goons surrounding her, she leaned into the car window and gave him some of his money. “Where’s the rest?” he demanded. She told him once she received the goods, he would receive the full amount. A duffel bag was dropped in front of her. She searched through it and saw a bullet pierce a man’s stomach.

She reached for her gun. His goons had their weapons pointed to her. Her female friends emerged from the buildings, their aim towards the men. The shootout began. One friend clutched her neck and fell to the ground. Eyes brimming with tears, she crawled by the vintage and shot the man in the car and then the straight ahead. She took a total of three lives. Three men who had wives and children.

There is nowhere left to run. She waits for the police sirens. Her friends urge her to hide. However, she stands out in the open. Someday, her boyfriend might forgive her.

Director: Sing J Lee Year: 2018


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