Video Review: Next “I Still Love You”

Raphael hugs his girlfriend on the steps of their apartment and leaves on his motorcycle. R.L. kisses his girlfriend’s hand as she sits up in bed and takes off. Terry kisses his wife and son.

Duffel bags on their shoulders, they get on the tour bus, taking one last look at their hometown.

On an electric blue lit stage, they perform one of many concerts during the first leg. R.L. shakes his head as he sits on the bus. R.L.’s girlfriend presses his jacket to her chest. She gazes at his picture in a frame and holds it as she sits on the couch.

Terry writes a letter as the bus drives on the expressway. At home, his wife reads it on the steps and laughs. Terry kisses the letter and holds it to his heart. Three women speed up to the bus and wave. R.L. and Raphael watch. Terry walks away.

The women follow them to the gas station. One woman rubs R.L’s arm as he stares at a photo of his girlfriend. Back at home, their significant others meet for dinner and show off their tickets. At the club, a woman puts her number in the pocket of Raphael’s jacket while he talks to his wife on the phone.

After the show, Terry tells a woman “no!” as she touches him. R.L. balk ast several women waiting in the limousine for him and gets into a taxi instead. They greet their significant others waiting backstage.

Rating: 3/5

On the tour bus, R.L. thinks of what his girlfriend and her suggestion that they break up. She thought it would be easier for them. He wouldn’t have any prior commitments holding him back. As they talked about the tour, he assured her he wouldn’t cheat on her. He simply wants to sing. It’s a job like anything else. He promises to stay in contact. At the gas station, he gets cornered by a woman and he stares of a photo of his girlfriend, instilling guilt in for him to stay true.

Raphael is a changed man. He’s been guilty of being unfaithful in the past. He and his girlfriend have had some problems. However, he has to behave and make the relationship work. They fought about the distance and length. On the bus, he spots three women in a convertible waving to them but avoids them at the gas station. Backstage, he darts from the limousine to a taxi. If he doesn’t leave, he’ll act.

Terry has been married for five years. He has a family to think about and warns his brother and best friend not to screw things up back home. There were years while he was performing solo that he slept with every woman who approached him. It ruined a long-term relationship that he couldn’t repair. Fortunately, his wife forgave him his past. There are no secrets between them. On the road, he ignores the women and scolds his bandmates for tempting fate.

Director: N/A Year: 1998

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