Video Review: Hailee Steinfeld & BloodPop “Capital Letters”

A plane takes off to Paris, France. Hailee Steinfeld, wearing a Paolo Sebastian gown, walks on the beach in the early morning. In a bathrobe, she looks out the balcony of the penthouse.

Wearing a Macarame Tale Underwired bralette, a Desert Rose Leavers Lace Brazilian brief and Desert Rose Leavers lace satchel and belt, she bites her finger while she stands by the curtain, glancing outside.

On the beach, her husband, in his suit and tie, brushes a strand of hair behind her hair and lifts her up in the air. She spins in her gown and runs on the sand in her bare feet. They chase each other.

In the penthouse, she brings a bouquet of white roses to her nose and takes in the scent. She kisses her husband in the bed and lay underneath the sheets, giggling and gazing at one another.

Wearing an Alice + Olivia off shoulder trench coat and Eugenia Kim hat, they leave the hotel to sightsee.

She stands in the foyer, wearing a navy blue halter dress.

In the penthouse, a woman paints her toe nails while she sits in the chair, wearing a bathrobe. She squeals once she reads the note, which reads “Treat yourself” and the message inside. On the rotary phone, she calls her mom, saying “I can’t believe it!” as she gazes the trays of macaroons and roses.

As they sightsee, they eat in a cafe and he lets her try some of his fish. He pours a glass of wine and they toast to their life together.

Back at the penthouse, she darts behind a couch, wearing a Johanna Ortiz Fiji silk double georgette dress. She smiles as she picks up a snow globe and twirls spaghetti on her fork. She whips her head as she holds the microphone, wearing a Giamba dress from the 2017 line.

They kiss on the balcony of the penthouse. She kisses his palm on the beach. They swim in the ocean. She sips some tea, while standing near the window in her bathrobe. On the beach, she puts her arms around him. The waves crash to the shore.

Rating: 5/5

Fairytales were meant for children, as a way to give them false hope for the future. After several failed relationships, Hailee Steinfeld steeled herself for a career in nursing and began to pursue her master’s.

At the diner close to campus, she was getting carry out before class and she bumped into a young man, wearing jeans and a t-shirt. She apologized and he grinned, telling her it was okay. They talked about the food for a while. He recommended that she try their steak, preferably on a date with him. She said yes and they exchanged information.

He was an adjunct professor for the business program and was writing a book about his company.  She almost choked on her steak as he said their company went public last year. As they continued to date, he told her she didn’t have to watch for sales at department stores anymore. He gave her his credit card and bookmarked some couture sites for her.

For their one year anniversary, they flew to New York to see a sold-out Broadway show. In their hotel room, he proposed and promised she wouldn’t have to worry or scrape by ever again. Celebrities and socialites attended their wedding. She posed for several photos for a couple of magazines and spoke to reporters about their fairytale romance.

She pinches herself as she eats some macaroons in the penthouse. On the phone, she asks her mom if she received the pictures she texted and says she’s in shock. In two weeks, after their honeymoon, she’ll live in his mansion with maids and butlers attending to her every need. He said she can still work at the hospital if she wants. However, she likes the helping people. It gives her a purpose. Once they return home, she’ll cut down her hours some and perhaps volunteer at some animal rescues.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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