Video Review: Stray Cats “Rock This Town”

Circa 1952, a mother breaks her daughter’s records on the balcony. The daughter, dressed in all white, avoids the falling plastic and fabric, tells her mom she’ll be home by midnight. She gets on the back of Brian’s motorcycle and they drive off. Her mother throws out the television.

She and Brian walk into the bowling alley and head for the bar. He puts a quarter in the jukebox and hits it while she orders some drinks for them. He rolls a bowling ball into a group of young men in white t-shirts and black pants.

Brian performs on stage with his band. He leaps onto the floor and dances with his girlfriend. A man wearing a dress shirt and tie bobs his head to the music. Brian sings directly to the man and balls his hand up in a fist. The man walks up to his girlfriend as he walks back to the stage.

Brian eyes the man as he takes his girlfriend’s arm. She dances with him and then rolls him onto the floor. She jumps on his back, hitting him. Brian cheers for her.

Rating: 4/5

She chose him. Brian knows he’s fortunate to have landed a young woman like his girlfriend. Her parents have underestimated her, thinking she’s some innocent waif being corrupted by his rock star ways. However, she’s capable and strong, defending herself against creeps who hit on her at their gigs.

Her mother has destroyed all of her daughter’s things out of anger. She has yelled that she is no longer a part of the family if she continues to date Brian. His girlfriend cries on his shoulder as they ride back to his family’s home.

His family greets her with hugs and tell her she’s welcome to stay with them. They eat some leftovers after the show and they go to the store to buy some clothes for her. She confides in him that she doesn’t know what to do. She can’t stay with his family forever. He kisses her on the forehead and says they’ll figure it out.

Director: N/A Year: 1981

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