Video Review: Jessica Simpson “A Little Bit”

Jessica Simpson and her friends walk onto the platform of a silver metallic spaceship. The door opens and they continue to walk in unison.

They stop in the center of the circular platform and begin to dance. Fiery golden columns line each side of the ship. Simpson, wearing a multi-colored halter top and lavender micro mini-skirt, hugs her chest and moves her hips to the side.

On the other side of the ship, Simpson, wearing a aqua blue off-shoulder belly shirt with a spray painted eagle and low-rise denim shorts, points and touches the sides of her body.

Back on the circular platform, the dancers roll on the floor as she bends down. The golden levers chug along it rises. She turns her back towards the camera and shakes her butt. They all pump their arms.

Against a white background, Simpson, wearing aviator sunglasses, distressed denim micro minskirt and an American flag tube top, dances with a young man on a different section of the ship.

Lit in lava red with tiny yellow stars Simpson, wearing a red polo top and acid-washed jeans, carries a faded orange stick on top of the ship. Her friends hold their sticks on the blinking flashes of golden light. They continue their routine with the sticks.

Rating: 0/5

Middle America mobile home fashion was at its peak in the early 2000s. The micro miniskirt (velour and denim are featured) paired with a crop top was the preferred combination of the trends The point was to show off as much skin as possible.

Jessica Simpson, though, chooses to follow the usual rule of thumb of picking either the belly or the legs to show off. The multi-colored halter top is long for the era as it extends to the length of her micro miniskirt. But the striped pattern seems to be leftover from the mid-90s. The micro miniskirt may as well be a belt around her butt. The off-the-shoulder spray painted belly shirt, though, with a couple added inches, would have fit in 2017 spring trend of crop tops.

The aviator sunglasses, distressed denim shorts and American flag emblazoned on the tube top denotes a gas station run for Doritos in bare feet while carrying a tiny dog in the nook of the arm. A friend, meanwhile, waits in the car, with the windows rolled down, to rid the car of the sweaty Uggs smell.

Director: Hype Williams Year: 2001

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