Video Review: Major Lazer, Cashmere Cat & Tory Lanez “Miss You”

A sixteen-year-old young woman walks into an ice rink and takes off her jacket. She skates to the center of the ice and stands, counting in her head.

Tory Lanez, Cashmere Cat and Diplo hang out on the top of a Zamboni. Lanez drives it around as the young woman spins.

On the street, she moves her feet in front of a Dodge Ram truck.

A row of young women sit on the bench. Some take a sip of water before starting practice. One by one, they give their coach a high-five. The young women form three straight lines. They become a circle with two rings. They separate into an asymmetrical angles and meet in the center, turning their line into a T.

They break off again and skate together in a small circle. They skate around the Zamboni.

Diplo, Cashmere Cat and Lanez sit on a bench in the locker room, holding hockey sticks.

Lanez dances with the young woman on the ice. The other figure skaters practice around the Zamboni.

Rating: 5/5

At 5 a.m., the young woman arrives at the ice rink. She laces up her skates and practices her routine for the state competition. Her coach told her she has a chance at a national title. With an Olympic medal further out of her reach every year, placing in a national competition has become her new dream.

Every Saturday afternoon, she watched the figure skating competitions for hours on television. As a child, she tried a spin she saw Kimmie Meissner perform in the nationals and bumped over a lamp in the family room. Her mother enrolled in figure skating lessons a month later.

When she was 10 years old, she moved to Detroit to train with her new coach in Bloomfield Hills. At the junior level, she won several medals. Her parents showed her a profile that featured her in an industry magazine as “one to watch.”

However, at the senior level, she has slipped during multiple performances and downplayed a shoulder injury. She told her parents that after 2018, she’ll be coming home. She wants to try one more time for a national title.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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