Video Review: Justin Timberlake “Man of the Woods”

While sitting at a tree stump in the forest, Justin Timberlake fetches some binoculars out of his bag and stares at the deer galloping away from him. He taps his heart against his red flannel shirt and grabs the map his wife throws him. He lies it on the blanket and they figure out how to get to the tavern.

Timberlake walks further in the forest and nearly trips on a branch as he crosses onto the other side of the cliff. He runs on some stones and pulls himself up to a tree house. His wife watches through her binoculars as he zip lines through the trees.

He lands on the ground and passes some lumberjacks chopping wood. He leans against a tree and spots a tent. Inside the tent, he offers his wife a drink and he puts on his cap in the mirror. Jessica Biel watches, wearing a white dress.

He motions for her to come outside and they kayak to the tavern. At the tavern, he weaves his way through the fortysomething and fiftysomething crowd of bearded men and straggly haired women. He and Biel dance as the spotlight moves around the bar.

Outside the bar, four versions of him sing. To the left, he wears a red baseball cap, white shirt and overalls as he whistles on the log. In the center, the original version snaps his fingers. In the back, wearing a plain shirt and cap, he hits the high notes while to the right, he continues to wear flannel. Some of the townspeople dance with him on the hay filled stage. The people turn around from their tables and wave to his wife.

They walk arm-in-arm off the stage and past the campsite.

Rating: 0/5

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake yawned as they sat on the couch together. Their baby, Silas was teething and they hadn’t had much sleep. She put her shoulder and began to snore. He moved his head away a little, wiping her drool with a napkin from his Stella McCartney custom shirt.

At 5 a.m., their baby awoke again. He wakes his up and tells her the baby is crying and then makes himself some breakfast as she rubs her eyes on her way to the nursery. Sipping his coffee, he shakes his head. They need some romantic time away. He checks his watch: the nanny will be arriving any minute. He kisses his wife goodbye and heads to the studio. Cradling the baby, she tells him to have a good day.

On break at work, he searched for local campsites on his phone. They want to unplug for their lives for a week. He schedules a week at a bed-and-breakfast outside of Los Angeles. While talking with the manager, he specifies that he and his wife are both celebrities and need as much privacy as possible.

During their hike, they reach the tavern. He swears under his breath. Biel asks “what’s wrong?” He says he forgot to call the manager and ask to shut the tavern down for a while. As they walk into the tavern, he shudders as they weave through the crowd of everyday people. He brushes off his shoulders as Biel orders them drinks.

An older gentleman asks him about his day and introduces himself. Timberlake shakes his hand and says his name is Justin. His wife slinks his arm around him and says “he’s a pop star.”

The older gentleman’s eyes light up. “Bieber? My grandchild loves him! Let me get your autograph!” Face red, he says no, “Timberlake,” and the starts to sing one of his early hits. The older man gives him a blank stare. Timberlake coughs and says it was nice to meet him. They leave to go back to their secluded cabin.

Directors: Paul Hunter & Prettybird Year: 2018

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