Video Review: Migos “Stir Fry”

At Migos Stir Fry Restaurant, a young man relays a message on his flip phone while standing outside in Kowloon, China.

Quavo, Offset and Takeoff take their helmets off the table. In the back, they play card and gamble with Pharrell Williams. A server gets his order from the kitchen. Quavo holds his money in the air and stretches it. The busboy approaches the table and whispers in Quavo’s ear that “Sister 13 hasn’t shown up yet.” Quavo nods. The cooks fry the noodles in the pan.

Quavo practices his karate moves in the corner.

A fortysomething man, the owner of the the Great Wall Restraurant in Hong Kong, glares. He crunches a takeout box with fist.  A box is thrown through the window of Migos Stir Fry Restaurant. The busboy runs by the counter and picks up the bloodied hand. In the back, Quavo, Offset and Takeoff count their money. The busboy shows Quavo the hand in he wrapped in a napkin. Quavo, Takeoff and Offset leave the table.

They enter the Great Wall with some men. Quavo pushes one the owner’s guard. The owner snarls. Quavo removes his glasses and the tie in his braids. Sister 13 emerges from the Great Wall owner’s group. The two women from Migos exchange surprised glances with one another.

Sister 13 takes off her jacket and fights with the two women from Migos. She bends down and stares at the owner. He kicks the two other women away. Quavo tells him it’s “time to go to sleep.” Quavo matches him hit for hit. The owner kicks into Takeoff and Offset, who keep him from falling. They both kick and punch the owner. Then, they subdue the guard, who falls to the floor. Quavo tells Sister 13 that she’s a snake and “will really lose something.” He points his knife at her. His goons start removing teeth from her mouth.

Rating: 4/5

Sister 13 was punctual and checked in on time. She had been working with him for years, assisting him with squaring off debts. Then, she didn’t show up one day. Quavo asked the busboy to call her. Nothing. He ordered some of his men to track the various restaurants around town to see if she was there.

A carryout container with a chopped off hand had their answer. She had been kidnapped by the owner of the Great Wall Restaurant. Bad blood had been brewing for them for at least half a year. The owner had bought the location and was trying to take over Migos’ spot. Quavo was holding his ground. Until Sister 13 got hurt.

Quavo and his men confronted the owner of the Great Wall. However, they soon realized Sister 13 was okay and had lured them there. Her betrayal was unlike the others and Quavo had zero qualms about his order. She knew what had happened with traitors. Usually, he would let his men wait and let the person believe they were safe. However, he wanted Sister 13 to know she was an enemy. His men whispered in her ear while she screamed that’s she’s the first target at any sign of trouble.

Directors: Sing Lee & Quavo Year: 2018

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