Video Review: Julia Michaels “Heaven”

Julia Michaels rests her head on the countertop and draws a line with her finger. She raises his head and unfolds her hands. A shirtless young man walks into her kitchen from the bedroom while her face fades. He leans on the counter. She walks past the refrigerator.

A second young man, with an open shirt, puts his fingers to his lips. He spots the ice cream on the counter and with one finger, he licks it as he tastes one flavor. A man in a suit dances on the counter. He opens the refrigerator and takes out a carton of ice cream.

She plays with a magenta ribbon as she rests her head on the counter.

A fourth young man licks some frosting on his finger while he stands by the refrigerator. The first young man closes the refrigerator door with his back and sniffs some pink roses. He smashes them over the sink. The man in the suit tosses the bowl of fruit on the counter.

She rests her head on the counter.

Rating: 4/5

Julia Michaels has had a stream of lovers. She prefers not to get attached to any of them, though. Her co-workers believe she’s someone who hasn’t found the right man. Her family wonders why a sweet young woman hasn’t settled down already.

However, she doesn’t want children. Her sister and brother have provided her parents with a handful of grandchildren. She babysits them when asked and spoils them like any caring aunt would. There’s a corner office she’d like to have at her job instead.

On the weekends, she wears her sequined minidresses to invitation-only parties with the world’s leading billionaires and sips champagne for breakfast. She has intimate stories with men her co-workers and family members talk about when they discuss the news. She drinks her wine and divulges nothing.

During breaks, she checks her stocks and has a salacious call with a former lover on her work phone. In her car, she takes her thermos and refills it with some wine. Her boss walks in and commends on her great job she’s doing and they have a quick meeting.

Waiting at home is her current lover. She gives him a kiss from his lips to down to his chest. He whispers that she’s his “good girl” and she digs her nails into his back.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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