Video Review: Maroon 5 “Wait (Version 2)”

Adam Levine blinks his eyes several times and notices the magenta cross hanging on the wall. He wakes up in a coffin and sees his in-laws paying their respects to his wife. His mother-in-law glares at him as she sits down with her husband. He places a spider on his wife’s (Alexandra Daddario) stomach, jolting her awake. Her punches him and knocks him out.

Crouched in the corner of a building, he wakes to his wife pour beer all over him. He sits up and asks her to let him explain. She screams, blasting out the glass in the nearby windows.

He covers his ears and finds he is in their house. He meets in the middle of their foyer where she yells at him. She disappears and he turns around. She stands in the family room and he touches her face, smudging her skin. Patches of her skin turn into different colors of paint. She shoves him.

With her arms folded, she listens to him as they stand in the backyard of their home, just off the expressway. Four women appear behind her and corner him. One smashes a bottle over his head.

He opens his eyes and is in a bathtub with her. He stares into her eyes while they sleep together. She changes into another person. He shakes his head while she presses him against the bathtub. On the bed, a hologram of her fades in and out. The woman shoves into the tub.

He swims in the ocean and puts his hands to his head while trying to avoid the millions of her flapping past him. He turns and hits the car window. The water spills out into a junkyard. She sits on a car as several lines of light explode underneath the sunset. Blowback from a nearby car flings her into the air.

She carries her suitcases and throws them in the back of her car. In the driver’s seat, she bangs her hands on the steering wheel and drives off with a few threads attached to her car. The threads become thick lines of rope which eat away at the walls and eventually, Levine.

Rating: 4/5

Adam Levine could not break the spell. There was a pattern to them. However, her process changed with each one, fragmenting into a different section. He had to read her mind.

She believes that both are dead inside, he assumes in the funeral home. Her family despises him, thinking he is in the one who brought out the evil in their daughter. He brings her back to life with a spider, shocking her family. She may be his tormentor but she is not a monster. There is something left within her to save.

But she had unearthed some fatal magic with her once she awoke. Her telekinetic powers become violent and rough, creating obstacles which meant to harm. The superpowers have turned their lives into secretive trainwrecks and she’s afraid of him, despite his gentle demeanor.

As she leaves, she entwines the house in rope, binding the ghastly spirits inside, including Levine. She can recover and retrain to control her powers. Levine could press the remote and end the world. She couldn’t have that happen.

Director: Dave Meyers Year: 2018

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