Video Review: Mýa “My First Night With You”

Mýa smiles as her father (Lawrence Hilton Jacobs) takes her hand as she walks up the stairs. He gives her a hug. In her room, she changes into a black crop top, a faux fur shrug and pleated skirt. She admires the outfit in the mirror as she turns to the side.

In her backyard, she sits on a homemade swing attached to a tree.

Her father side eyes her as she sits next to him in the family room. He points to her room and tells her to change into something else. Her mother (Cathleen Bradley) tells him to not be so hard on her. He throws the newspaper.

She sits in her bedroom, hugging the pillow to her chest. Her mother sits next to her and takes off her earrings. She puts them in Mýa’s hands and kisses her on the forehead. The doorbell rings and Mýa grins. Her father answers the door and it’s a young man (Saafir), his daughter’s date and his faces becomes blank. She welcomes inside and hugs her mom.

At a party, they hold onto to one another as a slow song plays. They walk into a room to meet some of his friends. One friend tosses over a card table and she stays in the corner. He leads her out and they leave to go to an amusement park.  They ride the ferris wheel and laugh on the roller coaster. She shoots a basket and wins a stuffed teddy bear.

They walk to the beach. He pulls up the “Beach Closed” sign and lets her through. Back at home, her father waits up for her. They fall asleep on the sand.

In the early morning, she smiles as she watches her boyfriend sleep. She wakes him up in a panic and they run. At home, he raises the ladder to her room. She gives him a kiss and she climbs up the steps. The newspaper hits the front door, startling her father in the family room. Her father walks up the stairs and opens the door to her room. He shuts her window and she walks out of the bathroom, in a robe and toothbrush. He gives her a hug.

Rating: 4/5

Mýa tucks the necklace her boyfriend gave her inside her shirt. Her father asks where her boyfriend is taking her tonight. She tells him out to dinner and then to a friend’s house. Her father then starts his nightly lecture: don’t drop out of school, you’ve worked really hard and then questions on it becoming a long-term commitment.

She rolls her eyes and waits for her boyfriend to arrive. The heart necklace bumps against her chest and she remembers that he whispered “I love you” in her ear as he put it around her neck.

Tonight is their one-year anniversary. He had made reservations at an expensive Greek restaurant in the city and booked a hotel room. Butterflies flutter in her stomach as she thinks of being with him for the first time. She was warned that she shouldn’t fall for him from her friends. Some of his friends scared her. However, he was kind and a gentleman to her. She trusts him with her entire being.

Her mom is glad she found someone to take care of her. Her boyfriend talks to her mom on the phone and she asks him about school. He has told her that her mom makes him feel a part of the family. However, her family has yet to come around. He tolerates her boyfriend but believes he’s temporary. Her mom urges him to get to know him and take an interest in her daughter’s romantic life. She isn’t going to be his little girl forever.

The doorbell rings and she lets her boyfriend inside. He chats with her father for about ten minutes. She gazes into his eyes during the conversation. He’s her first love. There will be no else like him in her life again.

Director: G. Thomas Ferguson Year: 1999

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