Video Review: G-Eazy, A$AP Rocky, Cardi B, French Montana, Juicy J & Belly “No Limit (Remix)”

G-Eazy walks down a turquoise lit alley. A$AP Rocky sits on a pile of money and waves some bills in his hands. He tosses it in the air while a fire burns below and stands up.

Multiple women, wearing thongs, shake their butts as long against the wall in the turqouise lit alley. One woman pulls herself on a pole and kicks with her legs. Lit in black, three versions of G-Eazy rap against a brick wall.

G-Eazy stands in the center of a warehouse with French Montana, Juicy J and Belly. Women surround them, shaking their butts. One woman rubs the person’s butt next to her.

A$AP Rocky, G-Eazy and Cardi B dance as each level on the pile of money burns.

Against a black background, Cardi B, in an aqua wig, bites her finger and she glances around. Lit in copper, she lies on a floor carpeted with money, naked with bills covering her private parts.

Three women dance in the turquoise lit alley. French Montana raps inside the warehouse and underneath some flourescent lights in a corner by himself. Lit in black, A$AP Rocky raps against the brick wall with multiple versions of himself. Juicy J is next, rapping inside the warehouse. Lit in black, against the brick wall, he turns his head from left to right and bites on his chain. He blows smoke rings.

Someone takes off in a car near the burning pile of money.

Lit in cardinal red, a woman zips open a change purse. She dances as she irons some money. Some women wave it and count. One woman hangs some money to dry on the clothesline. Belly oversees it.

Lit in black against the brick wall, Belly turns his head.

In the room, lit in cardinal red, Belly folds his hands in prayer while the women work.

Cardi B, A$AP Rocky and G-Eazy continue to dance in front of the pile of burning money.

Rating: 0/5

G-Eazy maintains the warehouse where the laundered money is cleaned. He had gotten word from French Montana that the Feds were tracking them. G-Eazy ordered it to be destroyed. He, A$AP Rocky and Cardi B piled the money and let it burn. They’ll make it back within a month or two. However, now it’s evidence the Feds want to seize.

Cardi B is the lone female ranking member. She takes her cut and employs the women. She searches for them in clubs and on the streets, promising them steady work and decent pay. However, they serve as entertainment for the men. Cardi B keeps them on call for late nights and gives the preferred women the prime spots. Belly, though, is their manager. He keeps tracks of attendance and shifts. He hands in the paperwork to Cardi B.

A$AP Rocky has a full-time day job at the grocery store and keeps his mouth shut.

French Montana and Juicy J pick up some work here and there. They mostly come for the parties and ask for certain women. Every month, they meet with G-Eazy and talk about the goings-on within their territories.

Director: Daniel Cz Year: 2017

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