Video Review: Portugal. The Man “Keep On”

An infant robot, made with a rubber shell, incubates in a red circular space. As an adult, the female robot sits on a sky blue block against a matching background. She lies on a boundary on a basketball court. She opens her black eyes and reads against a lime background.

She rides a corndog on a stick. Rubber flows on the ground, grinding through a mechanical system which applies it to the robots. She stares at a rope hanging on a tree and then into a mirror. She leans over the sky blue block and moves her arm a little.

Underneath teal and sunny yellow light, she bends and grows. She stands on the flowing rubber and watches it where it leads. As the mechanical gears turn around, she lies upon the pile while of newly created robots rotating in a circle.

Against a yellow background, she bends over, a black circle attached to her head. Next to her, another female robot with a black circle reaches out. As the background turns lavender and teal, they kiss.

She slides over white robot husks. Hands folded over her stomach and eyes closed, she lies on the gray block.

Rating: 4/5

The female robot. according to the research, has developed some self-awareness. She picks up her head and looks into the eyes of the scientist writing down notes. Her programming detects his cold manner towards her and fear pings in her brain.

She has noticed others like her and even though they new models cannot speak yet, she seeks them out and likes to watch them being built on the assembly line. Her curiosity overrides her programming as she steps into various experimental rooms and mimics the movements of other robots.

Emotions are nuanced and her sexuality is fluid. She has fallen for another female robot after expressing interest in a male. However, she identifies with the second female robot and chooses to spend the most time with her.

Further research will delve into crisis management within the robot’s programming.

Director: Paulin Rogues Year: 2018

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