Video Review: The Go-Go’s “Yes Or No”

In The Go-Go’s manager’s backyard, Charlotte turns on the video camera and films Gina drums with two pears on the table. Jane snaps her fingers and gets up from her lounge chair. Kathy plays air guitar. A young man watches Belinda dancing on the other side.

The Go-Go’s perform on stage. Charlotte smiles as Belinda sings to her on stage.

The young man floats in the pool on inflatable beach with palm tree.

Belinda sips her drink as the young man gives her a kiss. She spills it and he feels her legs. Charlotte pretends to be electrocuted on the lounge chair.

A young man films Charlotte dancing with the young man. Belinda jumps off the diving board. Jane flexes her muscles with two male bodybuilders. Belinda nods her head. A bodybuilder works out with a barbell.

Gina smacks her the cymbals, cursing underneath her breath. Belinda and Jane dance on stage.

The young man smokes and raises his eyebrows. One of the bodybuilders picks up Charlotte. Belinda waves from the inflatable beach. The young man helps her out. He falls asleep as Belinda continues to dance.

Rating: 2/5

The Go-Go’s management organized a get-together to help ease some tension. He handed around a video camera and asked for them to film the party. There was another leg on the tour and if they didn’t start getting along soon, it would be cancelled.

Belinda brought her boyfriend and hung out with him for most of the time. Jane invited some bodybuilders she met on the road. Kathy kept to herself. Although she joined in with Charlotte and Jane for some air guitar. Gina lounged around in the chair and scored the silence.

On stage, Belinda, Jane and Charlotte danced with one another. However, Kathy maintained her distance and Gina shook her head in disgust at Belinda and Charlotte. Between intermissions, Gina pulled their manager aside to talk. Belinda, Charlotte and Jane giggled together. Kathy sighed and waited for the call to go back on stage. Gina vented to Kathy. Kathy listened, counting the days until the tour was over in her head.

Director: N/A Year: 1984

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