Video Review: Paramore “Rose-Colored Boy”

Hayley sighs in her dressing room and puts on her best plastic smile.

The credits roll for the local morning show, “Wake Up, Roseville!”  Zac points and is shown inside a baseball card hitting a home run. Hayley lifts up the sun. In two asymmetrical squares, Hayley and Zac hold their coffee mugs. Hayley paints a rainbow with her finger and points. Taylor looks through binoculars and waves from a hot-air balloon. The director calls out her cue.

Sitting at her desk, she reports about the local bake sale. Zac talks about the football match between the Roseville Thorns and Willoughby Rushers. Taylor gives the forecast for the week.

During commercial break, she clenches her teeth and chews out Zac. She tosses the notes the producer gives her and sits on the couch with Zac and Taylor. They smile as the Bogie the Dog’s owner talks about his special gift. Taylor shakes Summer Godson’s hand. She sits on the other side of the couch and promote her book, Real Happy.

After the show, she reads over some notes in her dressing room. The marketing team says they need to have a meeting. At the meeting, they present charts and graphs, detailing the improvements they want in the show.

On set, she sees a man wearing a trench coat and hat. She thinks of the man during a cooking segment and reaches for the Chef DeLongpre’s shoulder. She backs off once she realizes she’s on camera. As it ends, she takes off her apron and walks to the man. However, it’s a dummy and she knocks it down. She runs back into her dressing room.

In the control room, she watches old clips she filmed as child, giving news reports on international incidents. Little Hayley asks the adult version of herself, “what are you doing? This isn’t you.” She shakes her head and covers her face with her hands.

She watches herself asking the producers “what does play us out mean?” They explain the definition to her. The director calls out her cue and chugs her coffee, spilling it over her blouse. She throws the mug at the teleprompter, breaking it. Taking the microphone, she starts to sing on top of the desk. Zac and Taylor accompany her. Zac throws a football at one of the marketing directors. She marks up Summer Godson’s book.

The credits roll again. The director calls out her cue and she starts another show.

Rating: 5/5

As a child, Hayley admired the journalists covering war zones and historic moments such as the Challenger tragedy or the Berlin Wall being torn down. History was her favorite subject in school. During class, she watched with rapt attention as a nationally known reporter talked about currents events. She read the newspaper every day and could name every local columnist in her state.

In college, she studied journalism and interned at her local news station. They hired her on once she finished college. This was her start. In a few years, she’ll go to a bigger market and cover politics.

However, the local news station started a morning show and suggested her as one of its anchors. With two of her colleagues, she expressed her opinions about the award shows (even though she didn’t have much interest) and tried to promote area restaurants with certain segments. She told herself she was helping the community.

But her career was stalled. She asked to report on the field and suggested some pitches. Management told her it wasn’t her niche. Her agent said she didn’t have any experience and people wouldn’t take her seriously. Her friends tell her she has the coolest job and that’s she’s a local celebrity. She puts one her usual plastic grin in response.

Director: Warren Fu Year: 2018


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