Video Review: Selena Gomez & the Scene “Falling Down”

On stage, Selena Gomez bends down and crosses her arms over her legs. She stands up and points her toes in her boots as the white lights flash.

In the center of the stage, she performs in a low-cut silver tank top layered with a blue top underneath and black leather pants. A series of lavender and sky blue triangles form behind the band. She twists her wrists.

Wearing a checkered shirt and white blouse, she points while standing behind a black background for a photo shoot.

Sky blue triangles fill the screen behind the Gomez and the band. The triangles become dots, spilling over the screen.

At the photo shoot, she holds up a mirror and fixes her hair. She holds up a bouquet of flowers and throws them. She dances in place and mimes a camera clicking.

Lapis straggly lines form behind the screen. In silhouette, the Gomez and the band raise their arms.

She dances on stage with the band and points while she sings.

Rating: 3/5

Being a female rocker is fun for Selena Gomez. She dances on stage and leans on her bandmate’s shoulders as she sings. Her outfits, though, are trendy yet age appropriate. While she likes rock, she isn’t interested in promoting the tough lifestyle associated with it.

Pretty lights and shapes fill up the screen behind the band as they stay in the shadows. She’s the sassy young woman calling out her fake classmates in the halls. Her popular classmates believe their public profiles on social media will lead to fame. However, none of them really put in the work and expect a high number of followers after the first week.

She’s putting in the work and learning her sound. She’s asking her band mate’s questions and playing in dive bars. Her classmates scoff at her demo and roll her eyes. However, she’s building a following while they are buying theirs.

Director: Chris Dooley Year: 2009

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