Video Review: Kendrick Lamar & SZA “All The Stars”

In Africa, the people of Wakanda wave their arms back and forth in the night to welcome their king, Kendrick Lamar. Lamar rides through the crowd.

Lamar enters a room where the children pray to a goddess of their tribe. SZA looks over to her subjects. In shimmering silver and navy blue light, SZA dances around, wearing a gown.

Lamar sits on a chair by a home in a village. Several men dance. He stands on top of the roof and creates smoky gray clouds with his hands. His mother (SZA) looks on. A few children sit by some chairs.

He walks through the gray forest. Black panthers follow him.

Lit in candy red, SZA dances among the shimmering stars. She lies in a pool filled with floating tribal bands. Several women, wearing pink feathered outfits, flap their arms as they form a circle around her.

At night, she dances in the forest while members of her tribe stand guard. She sits on top of a table while some men continue their dance. Lamar walks into a golden patterned room. He observes the young women draped in gold. He wades through river to three statuesque women. In the back, SZA dances while he waits. The stars shimmer in her hair.

Rating: 4/5

Kendrick Lamar is the leader of Wakanda, a fictional town in Africa. Within his tribe, he has been given powers to help his people. However, he has continued the status quo of Wakanda’s nationalism. Their powers are the only protection they have if they are invaded or a crisis occurs.

While men seem to hold authority positions, women have the final say. They are gods the men must appease to achieve their greatness. Generations of black panthers have consulted women on problems. Women are also viewed as art. They must not be touched or disturbed in any manner.

SZA, one of the main women, has heard that black panthers in various countries will descend soon. SZA whispers “prepare” to Lamar.

As part of the Black Panther film, Lamar expands Wakanda and its protective nature. To the outside world, they may seem backward. However, they have little control over their powers. Problems could arise if a president or another country found out. They could be killed or taken hostage. They have to look out for themselves.

Directors: Dave Meyers & the little homies Year: 2018


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