Video Review: Jack & Jack “Beg”

A worn out videotape, taken on a night of a party, features a young woman, drinking from a plastic cup and laughing at joke. Her boyfriend covers his face with his hand. A shirtless man drinks a beer by the wall. People chat in the corner. A second young man gives the middle finger with both hands.

Lit in bubblegum pink, Jack Gilinksy and Jack Johnson hang out by a wall. Gilinsky sits by himself in the garage. A third young man is passed out on the floor. A woman dances to some music. Gilinsky walks down a lapis lit hallway.

Gilinsky stops in the kitchen. People have passed out on the counter and by the sink. He walks backwards as people dance in the next room.

Lit in a faded orange, Johnson sits at his keyboard. A young woman gets up from the couch, puts her hand on his shoulder and walks into the next room.

Gilinsky continues to walk backwards through the house. The shirtless man hands his friend his drink. A man dives into the pool and he rests his head in the bottom of the bathtub. He lifts up his body and runs his hands through his hair. He puts his head under water again.

Gilinsky dances as various colors of neon lights flash.

Rating: 0/5

No one at the party really knows one another. They get drunk and pass out on the couch or on the floor, their bodies next to each other. In the morning, they mumble “hello’s” and get out of there.

Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson hope someone at the party has a connection to a person in Hollywood. They have developed their own but not any really substantial leads. A few dropped some names but offered little details.

However, they are unaware of a young man, sinking himself in the bathtub. He has been in Los Angeles for years, waiting for his break. He met Gilinsky and Johnson at a vlogger’s conference. They inspire him. Johnson has encouraged him to keep going. But he doesn’t know how long he can last without any actual success.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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