Video Review: Soundgarden “Black Hole Sun”

Fiery sunlight flashes over the mountains. Chris plays against the cloudy blue sky. Some members of an armageddon cult march with signs, stating “The End Is Nigh.” They beam as they walk.

A man bounces as he mows his lawn. In the kitchen, a pot boils over while a woman with a manic grin leans in to slice a live fish. It slips away from her. She looks out the window and sees the gray sky.

A fiftysomething woman in red silk bathrobe puts on several coats of lipstick. An oiled muscled man does push-ups in the bathroom. A sixtysomething woman watches as birds fly in her home with her teenage grandchild. A sixtysomething man tries to get the television to work.

A teenage young woman with braces jump ropes on her lawn. Two ten-year-old boys look at insects with their magnifying glasses. A seventysomething woman swings outside. A thirtysomething mother lounges on her beach chair while her daughter barbecues her doll on the girl. The thirtysomething mother opens her mouth and hisses with her reptilian tongue.

The teenage girl screams as the wind swirls. The wind picks up the people from the ground. Fires engulf the houses. A woman rattles a toy at her baby in the buggy. The flames from the sun take them both.

Chris and the band stand in the rain. Chris spreads out his arms while the piercing light from the sun blinds him. The sun continues to destroy Earth.

Rating: 1/5

The armageddon cult had seen the signs and rejoiced. They told the media, who brushed it off. Thousands of people rushed to the grocery store to get food and supplies. However, a majority of the population saw it as the cult seeking attention and to recruit new members.

To people’s horror, the cult was right. The cult beckoned the sun, encouraging it to do harm on their neighbors and friends. They will finally meet their maker and everyone else will have to answer for their sins.

Nonetheless, the sun swallowed up the residents of the neighborhood. The mother was a monster who neglected her daughter. Her daughter preferred to watch her toys fry than play with them. Most, though, were clueless and stayed out of current events. Despite the multiple warnings, they do nothing.

Director: Howard Greenblagh Year: 1994

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