Video Review: Drake “God’s Plan”

On the screen, a message reads “the budget for this video was $996,631.90. We gave it all away. Don’t tell the label.”

At a park in Miami, Florida, a thirtysomething man says he “saw Denzel Washington on television the other day and he’s a good-looking man.” He adds that he remembers when Washington and Wesley Snipes were famous in the 80s, making blockbusters. He jokes that he looks good but not that good. However, he believes his life is good. The thirtysomething man flexes his muscles.

Drake dances near a window of the Donna Shalla Student Center. A man dances on the sidewalk by his home. Two young boys sit next to each other. Drake walks into a grocery store and with his bullhorn announces that “anything you guys want, it’s free.” People fill their carts.

A young woman waits by the student center. Drake hugs her and presents her with a check for $50,000. It’s a scholarship to the University of Miami. From the building, thousands of people of gathered to listen to him. A second young woman walks home from work. A sixtysomething man gives a salute and taps his heart while he sits on his porch.

Drake rides around in a cart and gives out money to people. He walks up the stairs of Saks Fifth Avenue in the mall. The mother and son cry. He hugs a young woman in a wheelchair and also gives her some money. Drake stops and sits next to a family and also gives them some money.

Drake and his friend dance through Saks Fifth Avenue. He points to the crowd behind the barricades and joins them in the center. He drives up in a SUV, which is a gift for a young man. People get some ice cream from the food truck.

At the City of Miami Fire Department, he hugs a fireman as he walks into a station and signs a $20,000 check. He surprises three young woman outside the mall. With his bullhorn, he tells people they can buy whatever they want and donates $50,000 to the Lotus Women’s Shelter. A young woman runs up and hugs Drake after receiving a car from him.

The thirtysomething man says “it’s a good life” and he’s considering running for president in 2020. He flexes his arms, declaring “this is what a president is supposed to look like!”

Over the credits, the mother explains she had been trying to join some work force programs in order to find a job. Drake announces that he donated $25,000 to the school. He also tells the young man to look out for his mother.

Rating: 5/5

Kindness, in the United States, seems to be taken for weakness. The overall attitude being, “I got mine” in regards to social programs, a tone set by the current administration. Lost a job? It’s your fault. Can’t afford your medication? Well, you should’ve taken care of yourself better. Need someone to bring meals to your home? You can still breathe and walk to get out of your house for food! Americans are told to pursue their dreams but reach man-made goal posts installed at each turn. The posts, though, determined by their age, race, gender and sexuality.

Drake wants to help the American people any way he can. He realizes the budget for the video could go to people in need. For a day, people are given free groceries and women, who have been abused, are able to get designer clothes. A young woman receives a scholarship. A family receives some money as well as a second young woman in a wheelchair.

A majority of their stories are left unsaid. However, they are struggling. Some need to feed their families. The mother, taking care of her daughter in a wheelchair, may be in debt due to medical bills. The young woman who won the scholarship may not have been able to go otherwise. The women living at the shelter escaped from beatings and had to start over. Their specific stories really aren’t any people’s businesses (unless they decide to share, it’s entirely their choice). However, they have allowed themselves to be visible and Drake heard them.

Your move, Congress.

Director: Karena Evans Year: 2018

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