Video Review: Garbage “Special”

On screen, text scrolls by stating that “in the year 3030, Queen Astrate has taken to the skies” to fight against the lords of Garbania. She has one final mission to achieve her goal of world peace.

Shirley holds the level in her plane, following two men in the air. She zeroes in one man, dipping back and forth, hitting him. He speeds between two mountains. She hovers over him, bumping into him. He screams as he nearly crashes into a mountain and veers to the right.

She shakes in her plane while his backup trails behind her. She strikes his plane with a missile and watches his plane explode by a cliff. The second man is taken out within minutes.

Warning bells ring on the controls. She presses buttons to get them to stop. Bullets pierce the side of her plane and she turns her head to see the third man. They zig zag in the air, darting away once one gets close. She bumps his wing and fires. With a bump, he twists and crashes into the mountain. Her buttons start to spark and her engine bursts into flame. She buries her head in her lap and flies away.

Rating: 1/5

Although considered a dangerous mission in 3030, history glosses it over as a footnote. Queen Astrate’s sacrifice was for naught. Historians judged it as careless power trip. The lords of Garbania were advancing but the military had them under control. Queen Astrate saw her moment of glory slip as her country moved towards a democracy.

The monarchy had fallen out of favor as the economy suffered. With millions unemployed and hungry, they took to the streets. The military took the citizen’s side. The lords of Garbania had their own agenda to seize power and continue the status quo. Queen Astrate was threatened by them and sought to take them out herself.

There was no will. She believed she would survive the mission and restore peace. In a letter to her infant son, she promised him a stable monarchy and a beautiful queen to call his wife. Their lives would be uninterruped by rebels, imprinsoned for beginning the war.

Director: Dawn Shadforth Year: 1998

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