Video Review: Khalid & Normani “Love Lies”

In downtown Los Angeles, at 11:48 p.m., Khalid waits for customers outside at the valet desk. Normani texts him: “are you down?” He answers with “always.” She responds: “our favorite room?” Khalid texts back with the bulging eyes emoji.

He stares at the computer and then begins to dance. He taps the desk. She arrives and he  open the car door for her. Swinging her head, she puts a strand back behind her ear and walks without acknowledging Khalid. She gets her room key and dances in the elevator.

On the fourth floor, she removes the belt from her jacket and tosses it on the floor. She opens her jacket and then the curtains. Wearing a white corset and bikini underwear, she dances in front of the window.

Khalid looks up and spots her as she rolls her head. He continues to watch as she spins in an office chair. To get a better view, he moves to the left side of the desk. She closes the curtain.

In a text message, Khalid types several clapping emojis. He writes “Love, Khalid.” With a kiss emoji, she responds: “Love, Normani.”

Rating: 4/5

For eight hours a night, Khalid stands at the valet desk. Usually, it’s tired tourists with comfortable jobs in the Midwest who hand him their keys. Their eyes red from lack of sleep, they thank him and give him a generous tip. He stares at the computer, looking through the programs and clicking the keyboard for something to do.

His phone vibrates and he receives a text from his friend, Normani. She wants to see him. He grins and says it’s okay.

She pretends not to know him as she saunters into the lobby and into the hotel. The concierge greets her by name and gives her the key to her room. She dances in front of the window, wearing lingerie.

Normani knows he hates his job. The late night shifts interfere with her 9-5 pm hours. Unfortunately, it cuts into their intimate time. Their time by the window gives them a taste until he has a day off.

Director: Gerard Bush & Christopher Renz Year: 2018

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