Video Review: The Chainsmokers “You Owe Me”

Alex walks down the steps of his home and takes out the garbage. In the family room, Drew vacuums the rug near the fireplace. Alex finds a spot on the steps and goes back inside to get some cleaner. He sprays it and wipes it with a rag.

Drew washes dishes in the kitchen. Alex puts the cleaner away and the roast in the oven. He pours himself a tomato juice drink.

Drew mops the floor as Alex carries the laundry basket and then irons his dress pants. In the study, Alex rearranges a crooked painting as Drew lights the last candle on the dinner table. Drew sits in the chair and reads the newspaper.

Their guests arrive with presents and a female friend knocks on the door. Alex puts down his newspaper and answers the door.

Drew, Alex and their guests sit at the dinner table. They make a toast to their friendship. A male friend compliments him on the meal. Drew and Alex stare at one another across from the table.

Alex bites a female friend’s neck. Fangs spring from Drew’s mouth. A woman screams as blood splatters on her face. Alex eats a limb and jumps on the table, sniffing out the one person still breathing.

Wearing his blood-soaked shirt, Alex cleans up the limbs on the table and puts them in a garbage bag. Drew stands with a mop, drenched in blood. Alex puts garbage bag in the can and sighs.

Rating: 0/5

Drew and Alex, newly born vampires, craved the blood of people they knew. They invited their best friends and some former girlfriends. During the day, they cleaned their home to stave off their hunger.

Their senses heightened, they could hear the blood pumping of their next door neighbor who had stayed home from work. Alex foamed at the mouth. Violence and immortality was his calling. There was no need to care. The world was his to own.

He killed Drew and turned him. Drew would be his companion and guard. Drew, though, fights off his instinct to be a murderer. He remains in one place while performing menial tasks, thinking of his human life. There is no longer peace in lives, only a desire for chaos and destruction.

Director: Rory Kramer Year: 2018

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