Video Review: TLC “Dear Lie”

T-Boz walks into her hotel room and unzips her jacket. She lays it on the chair. At the end of her bed, she writes in her diary.

Chili walks to her room and unlocks the door. T-Boz sits on a chair and stands by the closet. Chili sits on the edge of the bed and glances at the telephone. Chili gets up and makes a call.

Left Eye walks down the hallway. T-Boz dances by herself in the same hallway. Chili sits on the bed and straightens her halter top in the bathroom. The negative voice inside Chili’s head materializes and starts to put her down. The negative voice inside T-Boz points her finger at her while she writes.

They dance in the hallway together.

Left Eye runs down the hallway and turns the corner to her room.

Rating: 4/5

Returning home from work was a relief. T-Boz’s boyfriend decided to call her and break up with her over the phone. Their relationship had been in tatters for a while. But she thought they could work it out. They hardly talked anymore. She was surprised he called her to let her know. To her friends, she told them about their latest date.

She writes in her journal. It gives her time to collect her thoughts and get her feelings out. A year later, she’ll read it and know she’s okay. Right now, she wants to fall apart and sink into her insecurities. The negative voice shouts at that she’s naive and dumb for thinking he loved her. She tries to shut it out.

Chili thinks of calling her mom. The catcalls and leering coat her skin with shame. She’s more than her body. She smiled at them, hoping it wouldn’t be taken as an invitation. In her pocket, she clutches her keys, hoping she won’t have to use them.

Left Eye has gone through the self-doubt, buying into the stereotypes people thought of her. However, Chili and T-Boz assured her none of it was true. It was a perception. She knew herself. Now, it’s her turn to be there for them.

Director: Billie Woodruff Year: 1999

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