Video Review: Machine Gun Kelly “The Breakup”

In a sunny yellow room, Machine Gun Kelly presses the button on the matching rotary phone. The complete number is written on screen in magenta. To the right, his girlfriend, sitting on her fuchsia and lavender couch picks up her clear rotary phone. Asymmetrical magenta triangles form on both sides.

While he talks, a film is over his lips, turning them bright pink. In a full screen, divided into four squares,”Not You Again” is written on the cover of a notebook. On the top screen, his two hands drop change into hers. He puts his hands over his face, which is divided into two blurry squares. To the right, lavender lips mouth her response. She slams down the phone and rests her feet on the table.

In an illustrated silhouette, she talks to him, against orange tinted background. His face is divided up into multiple squares.

Lit in flashing neon pink, she gestures in her family room beside the plastic cacti. To the left, he raps while to the right, he writes out a note. The note is passed between the screens.

He spins his finger while two holographic globes spin on both sides of him. He makes a holographic heart with his hand and breaks it in half. Lit in silhouette against a maroon background, she blows him a kiss while he talks into the phone.

He and his new girlfriend smoke. She drinks with her new boyfriend.

Rating: 4/5

Jordan Wozy! turns the screen into something to be drawn on and cut, fitting it into a logical pattern.

He develops the pattern slow, with two bright monochrome colors and splits up the screen. Asymmetrical squares are added a few inches from the corner on each side and moving to both Machine Gun Kelly and the woman’s mouth.

Nonetheless, it’s the illustrated silhouettes which are the most striking. The silhouettes take a step back from the flashing neon, diluted to a worn maroon or forest green. The holographic globes seem to be invisible but create the illusion that they exist.

On the whole, the asymmetrical cuts, split screens and flashing neon, revolve around a kitschy theme of plastic cacti and vintage phones. The abstract arms, though, seem to be an unexplained anomaly. However, it’s a glimpse into Wozy’s personal interest in art and a desire to experiment beyond bubbly letters.

Director: Jordan Wozy! Year: 2018

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