Video Review: Alice Merton “No Roots”

Alice Merton walks from the kitchen to the main window of her apartment and looks out.

By the evening, she stands in the middle of the room, staying there until it’s dark. She stands against the window, leaning against it. She stands in a darkened room.

A young man pulls her to the left. Then, a second man pulls her to the right.

She dances in silhouette as a small pole of white bulbs light the stage.

Lit in gray, she is seen from the head up as she sings on stage. Two men, also lit in gray, sing by their windows.

In silhouette, several people join her as she dances on stage.

Lit in gray, she looks down.

Rating: 4/5

Alice Merton had been counting down the months until she move could out of parents’ house in the suburbs. After graduating college, she moved back in with her parents and found a part-time job at discount store near the house. With little money she had, she paid for her bills. She insisted on paying rent but they told her no. They also helped her cut her student loans in half.

A year and a half later, she was able to find a full-time job as an accountant at a publisher in the city. The 2 hour commute, though, was draining her. She was snapping at her parents and dreaded going to work. A snowstorm in the middle of the day only extended the time to get home. Forgoing shopping, she saved her money towards an apartment.

On the weekends, she returned back to the city and went to apartment hunting. The first couple she saw were dingy. A few were out of her price range, although they were only ten minutes from her job. It was the window overlooking the neighborhood that caught her eye. She could envision her future boyfriend cooking spaghetti in the kitchen and snuggling by the window after a long day at work. She put in a bid and hoped it would be hers.

Tomorrow, she’s having her housewarming party with her family and friends. She can’t wait for them to see how the painting turned out.  She changed her mind about the color scheme several times. Her sister recommended neutral tones and she decided on it. It’s home.

Director: Stolarow Year: 2017

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