Video Review: Rebbie Jackson “Centipede”

At the museum, the guide presents the “treasured masterpiece” in their collection. It’s a painting called “Centipede.” The Centipede, the guide describes, is a woman of “pure romance and beauty.” A young woman, wearing a yellow dress, raises her hands towards the painting, bringing “The Centipede” alive.

Rebbie Jackson’s body glows and then she begins gesturing with her hands, emitting strikes of light in every direction. She walks down a winding staircase, passing men in tuxedos lined up and down.

She stands on a circular platform, shooting light from her hands while a tiger walks down the staircase. The tiger continues to walk to the hallway, lined with men. However, flashes her hand and puts herself in the hallway.

A snake hisses. A centipede glows as it scurries underneath the ruby-red light.

The snake hisses on a pool table. Jackson enters the bar and touches the men, lighting their bones orange. She transports herself to the foyer with several other men and continues to walk. She pulls them towards her and they recoil from the strikes.

The tiger watches her as she grits her teeth and scrapes the air with her hands while on the circular platform. Inside a gazebo, she dances with several men behind her. Back in the mansion, she and the men dance in the family room. The tiger gets up and watches as the men put their arms around her. She walks up the staircase and is frozen in place.

The guard tells the young woman wearing the yellow dress that she needs to leave. It’s closing time. She flashes her hand to him, causing him to glow and slithers away.

Rating: 2/5

The young woman, wearing a yellow dress, visits the museum every week to see her long-lost ancestor immortalized in a painting. It provides her some answers to her powers. For about five minutes, she can freeze time and let her ancestor wander around in her home again.

At one time, her family must have had money. Rebbie Jackson, the original Centipede, lived in a spacious mansion. She summoned men with a flick of her wrist to fall in love with her. People feared her and created myths about her.

No one will stop her from seeing her family. Not the guard or volunteers. The young woman will do as she pleases, using her powers to aid her. It’s the only way to be close to her family. Next, she has to track down the person who donated it. There is so much she wants to learn.

Director: N/A Year: 1984

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