Video Review: Marshmello & Anne-Marie “Friends (Version 1)”

On the weekend, a party wind downs at Anne-Marie’s house. She and her girlfriends walk down the stairs while Marshmello waits.

In the sky blue and bubblegum pink lit room, she sits on the couch.

She slaps a friend awake and drags him out of her house.  She, Marshmello and her friends wave to the people they asked to leave. They watch as Marshmello dusts off some vases. She tells him to go home. However, they start to clean and he stays to help. He air guitars with a broom.

She picks up some Beats by Dre headphones hanging on the wall. Marshmello taps her on the shoulder while he dusts. She pushes him out the door and closes it.

They run upstairs and lay in her bed in their pajamas, She picks up the phone and hangs up on Marshmello, who is outside her window. She opens her closet and finds him inside.

In the family room, she and her friends watch a movie. Lightning strikes and she tips the bowl of popcorn. She walks to the kitchen to get some food. One friend microwaves some macaroni and cheese while another runs her friend over the keys of the piano. A third friend closes the liquor cabinet.

Marshmello walks into his bedroom and stares at his thousands of photos taken with Anne-Marie glued to his wall. A neon lightbulb pops up over his head and he gets up.

She opens the refrigerator and jumps once she sees him in the corner. While removing the sheet from her bed, she discovers him with all her stuffed animals. They throw stuffed animals at him. He surprises them in the family room and they hug him.

Rating: 3/5

Marshello won’t go away. Anne-Marie complains to her parents and they smile, saying he likes her and only wants to talk to her. She rolls her eyes and calls her friends. She rants that Marshmello tracked her after every class and wouldn’t leave her alone. Her friends tell her to ignore him and that he’ll get the hint.

However, he’s one of her close friends. In middle school, he bought her a valentine after she cried to him that her crush didn’t even know she was alive. He tutored her in English after school and with his help, she passed a literature class.

He’s asked her out twice and she has told him no. He’s like a little brother to her and going out with him would be so weird. Her parents shake their heads and tell her, “watch, you’re going to get married someday.” Her friends tease her about her crush. She denies it every single time.

Marshmello won’t ever stop trying. She loves him but is afraid to admit it. Someday, she’ll go out on a date with him and wonder why she didn’t say yes sooner.

Director: N/A Year: 2018


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