Video Review: Samantha Fox “Naughty Girls (Need Love Too)”

Several men standing at a graffitied building in the city turn around one at a time. They begin a dance routine and then hit the wall with their fists. Samantha Fox, wearing a black leather jacket with a yin-yang symbol in the back, joins them. She puts her hand in her hair as they move their shoulders.

Full Force dance by themselves at the graffitied building. Wearing a hat,  she and the shirtless man dance as Full Force continue their routine. She puts his head to her breasts and then pushes it down as she walks away.

At night, she and the shirtless man make out by the car parked on the curb. She lowers his body onto the hood of the car. The members of Full Force talk to her as walk on the sidewalk. Full Force, Fox and the male dancers begin another routine on the street.

In bed, she leans back as he kisses her. He touches her stomach and she puts her hands on both of his shoulders. She rests his head on his chest.

Rating: 1/5

Samantha Fox has attended three weddings in the last few months. At their bachelorette parties, she threw money at the exotic male dancer and danced with him while her newly engaged friends watched. A couple of her girlfriends had kids and could no longer go out. Her friends gave her a few numbers for a couple nice men to date.

She hasn’t ever wanted to date. One night and that was it. Four nights within a month was a committed relationship for her. However, she started to envy her friends’ anniversary dinners and romantic getaways.

There is a shirtless man she sees often in the neighborhood. Maybe she could be able to be with him for a three-month relationship – maximum length, though. Relationship, in her loose terms, as perhaps getting carryout from the local restaurant. She wants to start slow. Marriage is still a ways off.

Director: N/A Year: 1988

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