Video Review: Janelle Monáe “Make Me Feel”

At around 10 p.m., Janelle Monáe and her female best friend walk into a bar. Lit in electric blue, she spots three Caucasian man with stringy hair and tattered suits, talking in a corner. A young woman sits by herself tucked in a corner. Her friend pulls her collar up on jacket as she scans the crowd. A second woman writhes on the black-and-white checkered floor. They stop at the counter.

They watch a third young woman (Janelle Monáe) sit on sideways on a chair, her legs high above the arm rests, singing. The three men continue to stand. Her friend talks to a guy. She walks to the arcade and talks to a fourth young woman as she plays a game.

The third young woman continues her performance, lit in bubblegum pink, stretched across on a couch with a shag rug on the cushions. She hugs the same guy her friend was talking to earlier.

Wearing sheer floral pants, she touches her butt as she dances on a candy red platform. Female dancers, painted in candy red, kick their legs in the air.

Wearing a silver beaded veil, silver lame bikini top and pants, she plays a guitar while women dance in a line beside her.

On the lavender lit stage, wearing sunglasses and tights, she crawls on the floor, touching women’s legs. She sits on the shoulder of the couch, side-eyeing the third young woman, wearing sunglasses, touching her body.

Wearing a half-white, half-black jacket, she runs to her female friend and then to the guy they both know. She races back to her female friend. The guy walks behind her and stands close.

At the bar, her friend waves a fan as Monáe dances with the guy. She pulls Monae to her. Monae, wearing the half-white, half-black jacket, dances alone on stage. A figure tries to push through the elastic pink wall.

She touches the top of her silver beaded veil.

Rating: 4/5

Was she straight or bisexual? Janelle Monáe  didn’t know anymore. As a way to help out her friend navigate her emotions, Monáe’s best female friend took her to a fluid bar. According to her friend, there was no strict identification of either being gay or straight.

Walking into the fluid bar, she observed the three Caucasian men in the corner, talking. They seemed to be in hiding, fearing a co-worker might spot them making out with one another. She searched the room for their mutual male friend. He was a handsome man. She had a mild crush on him, although she sometimes wondered if her feelings were manufactured, based on tradition rather than raw emotion.

At the arcade game, she flirts with a young woman. It’s the first genuine smile on her face. The butterflies flutter in her stomach as her hands graze the young woman’s. She meets her female friend and observes the self-assured lounge singer, who winks at the women. As part of her performance, she walks onto the dancefloor and breathes into Monáe’s ear. Monáe glares at her. The lounge singer raises her eyebrows and dances back to her chair.

Her female friend giggled and enveloped her in a hug. The guy walked up to Monáe but her friend became possessive and Monae let her pull her close. Monáe laughed into her friend’s shoulder and wanted to kiss her.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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