Video Review: Justin Timberlake & Chris Stapleton “Say Something”

Inside the Bradbury Building in Los Angeles, California, Justin Timberlake plays some of his song on his small mixer. The computer on the table next to him shows the waves of music. He turns off his mixer and walks down the hallway, passing a guitarist, sitting a stool.

Turning the corner, he heads for the elevator and picks up his guitar. He begins to play as the elevator goes up several floors. It stops and he leaves. He turns left and continues to play, walking by a man playing the piano in the hallway. He turns his head and spots another guitarist on the opposite side.

Also on the opposite side, Chris Stapleton plays his guitar on the balcony. Stapleton walks down the stairs. Timberlake watches and then returns back to the elevator. Stapleton walks down the hallway, playing his guitar, and enters the elevator. He faces Timberlake and they both take the elevator to the first floor.

They meet in the lobby and continue to play. Timberlake glances up and sees people standing by the railing on every floor. They walk together down the hallway, up the stairs and play on the balcony. They both walk to the next hallway.

Rating: 5/5

On his lunch break, Justin Timberlake works on his music. Between bites of his sandwich, he writes lyrics and fixes sections of the song. Forty-five minutes later, he returns back to the office on the third floor, inputting sales reports and answering phone calls. He has sent out a few demos and hopes to hear from a club soon.

The next office over, an older man plays in a jazz band on the weekends. His late father took him to jazz clubs and he learned to play. It’s how he remains close to his father.  Chris Stapleton composes songs as way to combat his depression.

Timberlake returns back to work and greets the young woman who works part-time at the sandwich shop. Next week, she graduates from college. Several police officers walk inside, awaiting their hearing. A young woman walks by in a suit, clutching a folder and avoids his gaze as she walks to get some coffee. She prefers to do her work and be left alone. Although Timberlake is handsome, she has zero interest in getting to know him. She’s there to work, not date.

The police officers leave a couple of hours later, suspended without pay.

Director: Arturo Perez, Jr. Year: 2018

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