Video Review: Lisette Melendez “Goody Goody”

Lisette Melendez licks an envelope with an RSVP to a barbecue. A young man watches as she drops it off at his window. He follows her as she walks away. He walks up to his door and takes the invitation.

On stage, behind a faded navy blue curtain, she performs with a couple of dancers. At a club, a rapper dances.

She takes off her shorts and changes behind the folding screen. In a floral printed dress, she sits on the edge of her bed and looks out her open window. The curtain on stage changes to yellow. It rotates back and forth throughout.

In black-and-white, people walk up the stairs of the building.

Back in color, she puts a dress to her body, judging it in the mirror. In black-and-white, a shirtless man shaves by his window. A video of Melendez performing plays on the television screen at the club.

In black-and-white, the shirtless man puts on his pants.

On stage, she leans on a white table. In her apartment, she takes off her plaid shirt and undresses. She takes a bubble bath. In black-and-white, the shirtless man takes a shower. He gets dressed and walks up the stairs. He opens the door to her bathroom.

Back in color, she sits on her sink while he touches her chin. He runs his hand along her thigh. She leaves him and he follows her to the stairwell. They have sex.

She dances at the club and hugs a male friend. They dance.

Rating: 0/5

Lisette Melendez  changes the font on her computer and prints out the invitation. A handsome guy moved in next door and she needs an excuse to meet him. She answers a call from her sometimes boyfriend and he asks if he can come over. She replies yes.

On her way to the bathroom, she deletes a message on the answering machine from her mother. She rolls eyes as she thinks of her mother ranting about her “doing nothing with her life.” If she wants money, she’ll find a man and flirt with him for it. She really has no reason to work.

Her parents refuse to visit her at her apartment. They think she’s ruining her life. She shrugs as she checks her mail. They are the fools, stuck at some boring job, waiting for their retirement. She’d rather stay home, sleep with someone and hang out at the club. Her brother does come over and has taken on drives past colleges. He parks in the school’s lot and tells her he’s worried about her. She deserves better. After treating her to lunch and loaning her some money, he hugs her and says she’s welcome to live with him and his wife.

Director: Rosie Perez Year: 1993

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