Video Review: Tinashe & Offset “No Drama”

The headlights of a van flash in the middle of the night. In black-and-white, two shirtless men box.

Tinashe, wearing a black bra with sheer beaded sheath, black leather pants, and silver gloves, slides against the rustic red wall of the prison. Several male dancers join her.

Wearing a silver beaded bra, a black winged coat with silver embellishments, and black hot pants, she sits on a chair while the camera rotates.

Tinashe exits the van as smoke wafts in the air and enters the prison with several of her male friend. She dances past the cells with multiple African-American men clinging to the bars with expressionless eyes.

She dances in the rustic red room with the black winged coat and silver beaded bra.

Offset, in a separate room, bats the chains hanging on the wall. He raps underneath a hanging lightbulb.

She dances with Offset by a brick wall.

A white woman looks out of her cell with a statement tattooed on her forehead. Offset holds onto her waist as he stands behind her. She approaches the camera and plays with her earring.

Rating: 4/5

Within a year, at least five of her male friends have gone to prison. At the sentencing, the judge told them they had no respect for the law and gave them the full term. She cried, knowing their children lost their fathers. One friend is innocent, though. However, his lawyer told him there wasn’t any way to prove otherwise. The jury determined he was guilty.

On the news, she watches as older white men use loopholes to fire their employees who fight back and discriminate under subtle means. They are allowed to live in society without any consequences.

She visits her friends in prison and curls her lips as she watches the guards eye her friends. Their bruised faces and black eyes haunt her as she leaves to go home. They tell her not to worry. However, she can’t help it. Someone needs to be an advocate for them, even if they believe they don’t deserve one.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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