Video Review: Martin Garrix, Matisse & Sadko “Forever”

In Scotland, a man bends down on his knee, clutching his rosary in a candy apple red lit church and prays. He rubs his hand over his face and then heads to the garage. He polishes the headlights of his motorcycle with a rag and kickstarts it with his foot.

He rides his motorcycle past the mountains Wind blowing in his hair, he stops in the middle of the road and gazes at the countryside. He takes a different turn and views a bridge. The road wet from a brief rainstorm in the afternoon, he continues to ride late into the night.

He climbs up the mountain and opens his compass. Returning back to his bike, he puts on his helmet and rides again. He pauses to refuel his gas tank. At about 5 a.m. in the morning, he lights a cigarette as he sits on his bike, staring at the mountains.

At home, he sips his coffee and draws a line on his map. He creates new coordinates and travels again by bike. Resigned, he stares at the ocean.

His father helps him and suggests areas where it could be with a pen. He follows his father’s advice and treks through the lake. He stands on the mountain and walks on the beach. However, it yields nothing.

He writes possible destinations in his notebook and visits them. He continues to work with his father. While planning another trip, he gets out his compass as he sits at his desk.

Rating: 5/5

His wife, in her will, left him a compass and told him to search for her in their favorite spots. Her spirit will be near to him, breathing in the same summer air as the day winds down.

At church, he lights a candle for her and prays. He cleans his bike every day and maintains it. In his pocket, he carries his map, tracing the places they had visited as a couple. However, as he stands and listens to the waves or the grass crunch underneath his feet, he feels nothing.

His father has stepped in and pointed out destinations to him. As he writes down possible routes and coordinates, his father talks about when he became a widow. It was though he was hollowed out. The young man stares at the map, trying to remember his wife’s voice.

She is fading in his mind and there is nothing he can do.

Director: Damian Karsznia Year: 2017


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