Video Review: Seal “Don’t Cry”

Seal’s face reflects in the lake. A drop of water moves upwards in the sky. A young woman watches it.

At about 7 a.m., Seal stands underneath some columns while college students and people past them, on their way to class or work. For about a half hour, he is alone. Hand on his chest, he walks on the sidewalk. At the college, people view billboards with advertisements.

He puts his hand on his heart while he sits on a bench at the lake. About a dozen schoolchildren run past him. He reaches out his hand.

He continues to stand underneath the columns as people get off work.

Rating: 3/5

Seal spends day off in the city. College students chatter as they go to class. He figures they are heading for the art building next door. A few men talk on their cell phones, bumping into him by mistake. They glare at him and continue their conversation.

He would’ve invited his best friend. However, he was out with his girlfriend. There was another friend he could’ve called but he didn’t know whether they wanted to hang out. They hadn’t talked for a while. He sent his friend a Christmas card but didn’t get a phone call or acknowledgement in return.

During lunch, he tried to initiate conversations with people. But they mumbled some generic response and continued to shuffle their noodles around their fork. Forty-five minutes later, he went back to his cubicle and typed in the information for the reports. He handed a report to the intern and asked her about her day. “Good,” she stammered and took the paper with an awkward smile. He has seen multiple interns come and go over the years and often wonders what came of them. One asked him for a reference and as far as he knew, a hiring manager called him from a magazine. He hoped the person had gotten the job.

Seal taps on his keyboard, thinking of old friends from high school and a former girlfriend. Tears spring to his eyes and he tries to cover it with a cough as his phone rings.

Director: Wayne Isham Year: 1994

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