Video Review: Lauv “The Other”

Lauv, wearing a red jacket, walks onto  a pitch black stage. As he walks, he steps in and out of the light. He glances to the right and views a memory.

Lit in sparse red light, his girlfriend tries to pick a song on the jukebox. He approaches her and she whispers in his ear. They stare into one another’s eyes.

Inside the car, they gaze at another and hold hands. Next, they sit on the bed. However, his head is bowed as he avoids her. They kiss by the jukebox. He kisses her on the hotel room floor. She rests her head on the table.

As he walks, he looks to the left.

Underneath the sapphire blue lights, they look at one another across the table in the diner. She turns her head and leaves.

In the darkness, she glares at him and he backs off from her.

Rating: 3.5/5

She can’t stand him. Lauv doesn’t understand how it went wrong. In his opinion, he knew right away she was the one for him. He kissed her within moments of their first conversation. His friends suspected it was a hookup. However, for him it was love at first sight.

Every day was an adventure with her. She would take his hand and they run down stairs of the apartment building. She rented a hotel room after a drive to the grocery store. She would call off work and lay in bed with him all day. Some mornings, she would climb into bed and bring him a tray of bacon and eggs.

They told each other’s secrets and she moved in after they dated for six months. They adopted a dog together. Her eyes sparkled around him and he knew it was forever.

Eight months into the relationship, though, she rolled her eyes once he asked her to take the dog outside. She lost her job and then blew off any interviews she had, stating she didn’t like the person’s tone in their voicemail.

On their one-year anniversary, she took him to a diner and broke up with him. It was punch to his gut and Lauv couldn’t breathe. She told him the relationship was suffocating her and she needed some space. He called her, hoping they could stay friends. But she told him to leave her alone. His friends tell him to let her go. However, he goes to her house and realizes there’s somebody else.

He had to have done something. In his phone, he scrolls past her name in the contacts and rubs it with his finger.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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