Video Review: Quarterflash “Take Me To Heart”

Rindy rearranges the mannequins in the store window. As she looks over the mannequin’s shoulder, she spots her male neighbor sitting in his car. She presses her hands against the window as he drives off.

At home, she paints lipstick on a female mannequin at the kitchen table. She looks at her bulletin board with photos of him pinned to it. She sifts through other photographs. Through her window, she watches him as he sleeps in bed.

He rolls over and wakes up. Walking past his television, humming from the static, he glances out the door and leaves.

She cuts one of the photographs she took of him and plays the saxophone while she sits on the chair.

He looks both ways and lights his cigarette as he walks on the sidewalk. Exhaling, he pauses at the storefront and looks at the recreation of his apartment.

Rating: 2/5

Her manager fired her. She said she abused company property and added that she was worried about her. She cries as she sits in the chair. It was meant to be a grand gesture for her male neighbor. He would see it and know she loved him back. He seemed lonely in his apartment. Sometimes he brought a young woman home but it didn’t usually last long. They would have some wine and perhaps kiss.

He was a good man who wouldn’t hurt her. At the store, he said hello to her and he asked how long she worked there. She stared at the counter and told him two years. He bought some t-shirts and said he hoped to see her around.

She sits in her kitchen, waiting by the window for him to return home. Two men lift the couch. Her neighbor carries his television. She watches at the window as he moves out. Hitting the window, she calls out to him. She runs out of the house, nearly falling on the steps and begs the movers to tell her where they are going. They tell her it’s private information.

She follows their truck in her car for four hours and writes down the address in her datebook. They will meet again. Their love isn’t over.

Director: N/A Year: 1983

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