Video Review: Bazzi “Mine”

A cardinal haze covers Los Angeles, California. Underneath microscopes, cells break apart and form. At night, Bazzi walks out of a club and onto the sidewalk.

In electric blue, several women’s hands touch his face. A young woman lies on the floor, wearing a coat. She walks and turns, her image swirling in electric blue strokes. The image changes back to the women touching his face.

A circle blinks and zooms in an overview of the Earth. It molds itself into Bazzi’s figure and drips as he turns his head.

In electric blue and pink, several women lie together on the floor. A block of blue and pink move, forming Bazzi’s head. It dissolves. In a hallucinatory yellow and pink, a second young woman turns her head. To the left, In royal purple and navy blue, the same young woman holds her hands over her head.

Bazzi levitates over the buildings and fences on the street.

Against a black background, his face is lit in electric blue. It duplicates into a lime green.

A woman turns her head, her long hair a sea of teal, crashing to the shore. Eyes closed, Bazzi braces himself for the teal pieces of glass aiming towards his head. A woman lifts her leg to her ankle while her body is cut off by some bushes.

The young woman places her hands over her breasts as she moves in the painting displayed in a museum.

In electric blue, the woman opens her coat as she lies on the ground. Flowers blossom over her private parts. The images transform into lilac hands. An eye opens, each circle within the iris unveiling endless layers.

His changes to candy apple red and pea green as women touch his face. He flashes as he rises further into the sky.

Rating: 3/5

Neon colors blend and drip into new images as Bazzi uses the screen as a paint brush to bring abstract expressionism and surrealism to the mainstream.

There are some ambitious ideas abound, even though some aren’t as developed as they should. The iris of the eye, usually contains other images. However, Bazzi subverts it by having it be one continuous image. As new layers are unearthed, nothing new is found. People have limited vision and only view what they want. They do not seek knowledge and only look for what reinforces what they already know.

However, a young woman opens her jacket and cartoon flowers bloom over her body. While he may believe women’s bodies should be protected from exploitation, using flowers as the go-to symbol infantilizes women. Artist Georgia O’Keefe painted flowers and for her, they were an empowering symbol and representative of a women’s reproductive organs. Bazzi essentially takes the power away.

Director: Bazzi Year: 2018

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